Wednesday, 16 February 2011


a trilogy


“No! Leave him alone!”

Rian shoved the white-robed Waabuleh priests away from his father’s corpse. The blue-skinned godlings trilled their incomprehensible language but he ignored them, hunching protectively over the charred remains.


Rian curled up on himself in the mud. His father’s murderer, Brattak, emperor’s wizard, turned his back on the squire and walked away.

The wizard’s spittle felt heavy on Rian’s face.


Rian charged Brattak; he was drenched in the demon wyrm’s still-warm lifeblood and the wizard’s blackfire spells rained impotently against it. He drew his father’s sword, forever his father’s son, and swung.

Dedicated to the memory of James Miller, who led us on many an epic adventure; who embarked upon that final, greatest adventure far too soon.


  1. An interesting premise, an epic trilogy in 101 words. Enjoyed the culminating image of Rian conquering while drenched in the demon wyrm's blood.

  2. Thanks, Aidan.

    I tried to weave a lot of the standard elements in, the naive youth, the revenge motive; the second movement with the enemy victorious, the hero humiliated and the triumphant finale. With evidence of fantasy races and creatures and magic.

    There were inevitable sacrifices to the word count, but I'm happy with the final result.

  3. You did it. And even managed to make me cringe in the process. I should have have my coffee first lol

    The spittle got to me. Nicely done.

  4. It's a surprisingly visceral word...

    Thank you.

  5. Loved 'one' because I read it as 'wobbly priests'.

  6. Who doesn't love wobbly priests?

    Well, the church, obviously. Too much communion wine...