Wednesday, 2 March 2011


This little pixie went to market,
This little pixie stayed at home,
This little pixie had roast meat,
And this little pixie had none.

And this twisted little pixie, sat alone in his police cell, couldn’t stop giggling hysterically.

Wee, wee, wee, wee, wee!

All his older brothers were dead. The eldest was in pies; the next in the cold, damp soil beneath the floorboards. He had tied the twins up... cut parts off one, seasoned the meat with salt and a slow poison, then cooked it and fed it to the other.

Never would he be ‘little piggy’ again.


  1. You've made me laugh like a loon with something dark and absolutely disturbing--simply genius!

    And wow! I saw it all happening. I think I tasted the seasoning and saw the family twitching as they were massacred. Very vivid--yep, simply genius!

  2. Why did they turn from "little pixie" to "little piggy?" I've always heard "little piggy" before and wasn't sure, unless he's chopped up the others and packaged them in the pork display. If so, fittingly disgusting to the darkness of the rest of the piece.

  3. Thanks, Magaly. =) Children's verse can lend itself to the darkest re-telling... ;)

    John, the verse is, traditionally, piggy. Corrupted here for the purpose of a little dark pixie, it's meant to imply that his motive was the others' name-calling (calling him 'little piggy').

    It can be difficult sometimes trying to put the intent across fully in so few words... =)

  4. I think your meaning was very clear and story very dark--don't you just love language?

  5. Love this twisted take on "this little piggy". I was laughing with the first line of pixie going to market. Fittingly parallel to the rhyme he finishes them all off in a unique way.

  6. Heh, language can be such a fickle plaything. ;D

    Thanks, Aidan. You might see me playing with children's verse some more in the future... =)

  7. Very simple and yet you conveyed a lot in this small space. Loved this. I could see it as an opening for something longer, if you wanted.

  8. Thanks, India. =)

    Maybe one day I'll find the time for that illusive 'something longer'... ;)