Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Wired. Silken strings throb beneath his skin, uplifting.

He takes his first steps, tentative, a newborn foal.

Step, step. Steady, step, step.

He dances for them, for all of them. And they all want him, want control.

And none of them want to share.

Pushed, pulled, thrust, thrown. Too many hands on him, too many puppeteers.

He screams, screams and they panic.

They let go and he crumples, a deflated dream. They stare at him. They accuse him with their shock and their silence.

He would walk away, should walk away, but he hasn’t the strength to rise by himself.


  1. Beautifully clever! You design your pieces so well, too. I'm impressed.

  2. I feel like helping him, you pulled my strings with this story too. lovely.

  3. Thanks Rebecca, it's one of the joys of writing/ editing on a computer. I kept swapping these sentences all over the place trying to find the best order... =)

    Thanks Shelle, let's hope he's not too tangled... =)

  4. The first line made me cringe and hiss at the same time. The imagery and sensual details are raw. I almost felt sorry for him; I mean I do a little, but then there is hope. The tone makes me feel "he hasn't the strength to rise by himself" yet.

  5. Thanks, Magaly.

    We all have to learn to stand by ourselves sometime, and for the most part we gain more than we lose in the process... It's all about balance...

  6. Hasn't the strength to rise by himself, but has the strength given by social power to move on with them. I've been caught in that trap before..

  7. I find myself drawn to the puppeteers in this piece. The self-centered ones pulling the strings, wanting the strings and never understanding the screams. You do a great job of constructing your drabbles+1.

  8. Thanks John, glad you could see the allegory in there. =)

    And thank you Aidan, it's good discipline, hitting the word count and still being completely happy. It's agonising sometimes when I'm one word either way and it feels finished already...

  9. Powerful imagery. In the beginning he doesn't seem to notice the strings. His tentative first steps are curious and new. The dance has the potential for joy. Then he realizes he is being controlled and his "newborn" curiosity transitions to terror.

    I definitely enjoy your writing style. :)

  10. Thanks Zaiure =)

    I love how there are already different interpretations of Puppet. None of us are as free as we like to think... ;)

  11. killer first line, and love the tight construction.