Wednesday, 16 March 2011



MyLife YourLife MyLife YourLife MyLife

Your Life My Life. Your Life My Life. Your Life

My Life. Your Life. My Life.

Your Life.

My Life.

Your Life.


Ah. Oh dear.

You lose.

Rigged? No. Quite impossible.

I did suggest chess, remember? You can’t blame me for a game of chance.

Can’t blame yourself either, though I suppose that’s no comfort.

I’ll give you a minute.

Just remind me, what was your wife’s name? I’d hate to slip up on something so basic.


  1. Oh dear, indeed.

    It's like someone playing "He loves me, he loves me not" only with slightly more serious consequences.

  2. I adore your creepiness. This makes think of "Face/Off" I know, I know, not the best movie, but you know what I mean. I particularly love the schizophrenic-like voice. Creepy indeed!

  3. Reminded me of Stark from Farscape, which may indicate my viewing habits.

    Similar in the desperate tone, too. Yours might be more sinister, though.

  4. Thanks for the comments. =)

    Steve, not an intended parallel, but childhood elements can make for the creepiest comparisons.

    I hadn't thought about it all being in one person's head, Magaly... think that might actually be a bit creepier...

    Loved what I saw of that series, John. Reminds me to keep an eye out for the complete set, if it's ever going cheap. =)

  5. Just remind me, what was your wife's name chilling ending that takes the easy-going nature of the winner creepy.

  6. Thanks, Aidan; heh, the easy-going, conversational psychopaths are the worst, they're the most like you and I... ;)