Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I denounce my body.

Is the first commandment. You are but fertile ground for the red plague: let it inside you, let it become you.

I denounce my bonds.

Is the second. Forget your past, forget your family and friends. Those things have no meaning.

I embrace my thirst.

Is the third. It will be all you know.

She licks the warm, sticky gore from her hands, trembling as it slides down her throat.

She looks at the flesh that lies around her, broken, torn and hollow. It had names yesterday. She had family yesterday.

Today she has the plague.

(originally written for Lily Childs' Friday Prediction)


  1. Concise, and complete, brutally descriptive at the end.

    This could be even be true to a plague of zombies, vampires, lycanthropes.

    She had family yesterday.
    Today she has the plague.

    Those two short lines say so much.

  2. Thanks Steve. =) I have this kind of built up in my head as something between vampirism/ zombieism and a cult. Both a mental and a physical viral infection... You might see more of the Red Plague in the future...

    Thank you, Louise. =)

  3. As always your mastery of imagery and sensual details enthralled me. The diction is perfect too; if you had chosen a different word to describe the way she saw and felt the blood and the carnage, the story wouldn't be as powerful. Sexy, Dark and Bloody fiction--my favorite!

  4. Thank you, Magaly. Glad you liked it. =)