Wednesday, 25 May 2011


My mind is in pieces.

They tell me that with every jump I left a part of myself behind.

They tell me it’s gone forever, but I’ve had time to think, in this padded room. If I concentrate, I can feel the different pieces, in all the different worlds.

There are threads stretching out from me to them; from me to me.

I’ve been pulling at the threads. I feel the walls between worlds resisting; they are not easy to breach, but I feel them cracking, I feel reality ready to splinter.

It’s my mind, and I want it back.


  1. Oh I am definitely excited about this story and think you should expand upon it. I want to know more about the character's "jumps" and how his mind fragmented. Very clever and the reader is drawn in from the first sentence.

    Only suggestion I have is in the second sentence you may need to add a comma after "jump"?

  2. It's beautiful how these few words manage to tell a whole story between the lines.

  3. The last line really makes this piece. Great job.

  4. I like the idea of (conventional) reality splintering to give way to a more personal way of being real.

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone. =)

    I hadn't really thought about it beyond its literal meaning when I wrote it, Magaly, but that's an awesome interpretation; I kinda wish I'd meant it that way all along... ;)

  6. What'll you do to pull that brain back together? Make up your mind!

  7. Great concept, dimension-hopping has its consequences...

    possibly leading to insanity?

  8. Ha ha, thanks, John. =) Indecision is the mother of alternative realities... ;)

    I think the worse thing, Steve, would be never being sure you had got back home... Thanks. =)