Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Dark, tenebrous things burst forth from the cracked ground.

She drew her twin pistols, Regret and Recompense, and began firing.

She had unleashed these dread things that would devour the Earth, this was her fault. And this was not a war she could win, she was under no illusions, but she could show humanity that a stand could be made. She could give mankind a fighting chance.

Her guns ran dry and she threw them aside.

She drew her knife.

“I name you, Hope,” she said, kissing the blade.

And thus did Pandora die. And thus was her legend born.


  1. Great, dark tale and then... 'wow' ending.

    I love reimaginings of myth. To me, this almost had a Steampunk feel to it. Awesome.

  2. Thank you. =)

    I love neo-myth, to write and to read. American Gods is particularly awesome. =D

  3. A clever re-imagining of Pandora's tale. I love the imagery it provokes. Great job. :)

  4. Great action adventure version of the myth.

  5. Thank you, Zaiure, Aidan. =)

  6. A clever retelling of Pandora. Having recently read American Gods, I can see where you're coming from. Sparse and tight.
    Adam B @revhappiness