Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I am here, against intergalactic law, because important, anonymous people grew tired of waiting. So the galaxies turn.

The Darkling’s tower is impenetrable to our technology, and thus, invaluable. Scientists observing the structure from the legal sanctity of space have learnt nothing. And so impatience has brought me to this planet, to my death.

It has been called their Tower of Babel, though nobody knows if they even have a God. They have a devil. I have seen it. I have seen the pit beneath the tower, and the indescribable thing within.

Are they imprisoning it? Or setting it free?

(Originally written for Lily Child's Friday Prediction)


  1. Powerful. I am touched by this character's mix of of emotions; so much philosophical contempt in his/her tone.

  2. I think "philosophical contempt" is right.
    Chilling ending

  3. Brrr! Chilling indeed! These sci-fi ultra-shorts are great… do you have any plans to put them in a story arc?

  4. ohh nice. Like the last line. I would like to see this in a longer piece.

  5. Thanks for all the comments. =)

    Magaly, I think he is acutely aware of the bigger picture, and his own (in)significance...

    Mazzz, thank you, I was worried the end was too straight up, too blatant.

    I hadn't planned to run them into an arc, FAR, but who knows what may happen. We'll definitely be seeing some Darklings again though, in their many incarnations... ;)

    Sonia, I don't know that it could run further forward, since he is at death's door... I might run a backwards arc though, leading up to this... *ponders*