Wednesday, 21 September 2011


“YEW, triple word score. Surprised you left it open.”

“Well, I don’t feel good. What did I just drink?”

“Herbal tea. It’s good for you.”

“It tasted like arse. ZIG.”

“That’s how you know it’s good for you. ZIG isn’t a word.”

“It is, here, look. Awrr... Never give me that again.”

“I won’t. ZIG’s a stupid word.”

“Still a word. Nnn.”

“TAXINE. ‘X’ on triple letter.”

Mmp. I don’t, uhh, think that’s a word.”

“It certainly is. Here: noun, a poisonous alkaloid extracted from the leaves and seeds of the European yew. Apparently you brew it as a tea.”

Having reached a hundred followers on Twitter, I asked for prompts. @europeangirl was getting annoyed at Wordfeud (Scrabble) for allowing words like 'ZIG' and 'ZAG'. She wanted REVENGE...


  1. Very clever story using only dialogue. Poor "ZIG" is now regretting the tea... ;)

  2. That's a very extreme way of winning a game of scrabble, I guess the the stakes were kinda high.

  3. Thanks Zaiure, I'm not sure ZIG is regretting much of anything, anymore... ;)

    Thank you, Steve. I think he'd had it a long time coming... ;)

  4. Cute, I don't know if word feud took off in the US (none of my colleagues here play it), but while I was in Stockholm everyone was playing. All of my colleagues had their mobiles out at fika playing the game. On the subway, I'd end up sitting and everyone near me would be playing. It was crazy.

  5. Thanks, Aidan. =)

    I quite quickly got bored of online scrabble, I prefer chess, but I'm not very good at remembering to check if it's my turn... ;)

  6. @John, well, all my coworkers only wanted to play be in Swedish. Scrabble isn't a game that works as well playing someone else in their primary language using your secondary language.

  7. Oh, wow, no, I imagine not. You're a braver man than I! =)