Thursday, 22 September 2011


“You... Bob.”

“Brian, sir.”

“Right, you’re on lever duty.”

“I thought I was on shark duty.”

“The sharks can look after themselves. Apparently. That’s why I need someone new on the lever. That someone is you, Bob.”


“Exactly. Now. You, Bob.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Wait...? Your name really is Bob?”

“No, sir, just wanted to make you feel better. Sir.”

“Your job is not to make me feel better. Your job... what is your job?”

“Calibrating the elephant trebuchet, sir.”

“Right, right, carry on. So... you, Bob.”

“Emily, sir.”

“Right, Bob, clean that big, red button there. Very, very carefully.”

Having reached a hundred followers on Twitter, I asked for prompts. @gingerkytten suggested 'Minions and their many uses (for profit and fun)'. I had to edit out the minion who was waxing the war turtles.


  1. Haha I love how the overseer can't seem to keep their names straight! I'm also incredibly intrigued about the elephant trebuchet and really wish the war turtle waxing minion had been able to stay. ;) Minions are so useful! Where have mine gotten off to...

  2. Now that's exactly what is needed, positive leadership. :)

  3. Thanks Zaiure, Steve. =)

    Minions are the ever-present, downtrodden work force of any evil empire. With great potential for comedy, as proven by Despicable Me... ;D