Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I have infiltrated the Darkling megaship.

They are powerfully single-minded creatures; once an idea strikes, they follow it to its fullest. They have no fleet, just this one mighty warship. And quite aptly, they have named it Doom.

It carries their army, their entire race. They come to invade Earth, they call this Operation Doom.

I have seen what the megaship carries, deep in its hold: their ultimate weapon. To be used only if they cannot have Earth for themselves. Its blast will crack the ground, ignite the atmosphere and boil away the seas.

This bomb, also, is codenamed Doom.


  1. But they sound so cute. Like mad toddlers.

    Which would probably be our last thought before they annihilated us.

  2. OMG somebody do something - now! We're all doomed :(

  3. Thanks, Becky. I think that's kind of how I see them too... ;D

    Don't worry, Helen, somebody will think of something... I hope. o_0

  4. *runs away screaming* WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!!
    Cool story.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  5. I can't help but think that just a tad of tongue-in-cheekiness is at work here John.

    For what it's worth, they can have Earth... If I can have their ship. :-)

  6. Ha ha, thanks, Adam. =)

    Me? Tongue-in-cheekiness? Surely not... ;)
    Thanks, Steve. =)
    And I think you might have to fight them for it...

  7. Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom. I see marching comic caricatures a little like stormtroopers on this ship of theirs.

  8. I don't think that's so far off the mark, Aidan, though maybe not so disciplined... ;D