Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Jack watches Sam and Lea from the shadows.

Sam is telling her about the tunnels, and the weapon. Of course he would tell his wife, he’s excited, damn the non-disclosure agreement.

Jack clicks the safety off.

Sam’s talking about their one chance to win this war... and that’s when the back of Lea’s summer dress explodes in a shredded mess as chitinous, jointed limbs erupt from somewhere inside her.

Jack steps out, pulls the trigger, blows wet gobs of Lea’s brains all over her husband. He hesitates, then holsters the Glock and reaches for his shaking brother.

"Sam, I'm sorry."


  1. Ewww! Cool! Sucks to find out about your wife like that, though.

  2. Oooo-er, seemingly Lea is not what she seems to be, how unseemly.

    Nice one John. :)

  3. Thanks, FAR. Definitely not a good way to find out.

    Seems so, Steve. ;D

  4. Ewww double eww - I had to look up the word ' chitinous' then it all made sense to me ^__^

    I only has a small vocabulary you know :(

  5. I've never seen this small vocabulary reflected in your writing, Helen. =)

    And there are some downright disgusting sides to these parasites...

  6. Ah John you're very kind to me ^__^

  7. I still don’t know what chitinous mean, my computer won’t tell me. Such a powerful scene in so few words though. And successful ‘cause I imagine I’ll still be thinking about it as I go to sleep tonight.

  8. Thank you, Chris. If it sticks with you, it's done its job. =)

    Chitin is the hard substance insects' exoskeletons are made of: