Thursday, 15 December 2011


See our fair prince entering Pharaoh’s tomb, overburdened with delusions of heroism: rescue the princess, triumph over evil. Pitiful, really. Heroism is such an irrelevant concept, like good or evil. Time matters most: erosion, evolution.

There are traps down there but they are momentary, tripped, ineffective, then done, like a human lifetime. A good curse though, lasts forever.

The hero wins, of course. What did you expect? The princess is saved; they have many children. A grand dynasty is born.

They never suspect my sweet, lingering kiss in their DNA. I live on, insidious as decay, sweeping through the centuries.

(Originally written for Lily Childs' Friday Prediction)


  1. Oh chilling! Loved this line " A good curse though, lasts forever."

  2. Very sinister for a fairy tale, but then again most fairy tales are. Great job!

  3. Yes indeed, lots of greatness packed into a drabble.

  4. Insidious, the word itself is enough to bring fear. I always think the dangerous things we can't see are far more dangerous than the big monsters that we can shoot at.

  5. Thank you, Helen. I liked that line, too. =)

    Thanks, Catherine. Hadn't thought of it as a fairy tale, but it has a lot of the right elements: a prince, a rescue, a 'happily ever after' of sorts, a villain, archetypal tricks. =)

    Thank you, FAR. =)

    And thanks, Steve. Horrors that the mind can conjure and elaborate can be way worse than the drooling beasty at the door. ;)

  6. Nice. It makes me wonder what the narrator *does*

  7. Thanks, Anke. =)

    A sentient hereditary illness, mental or physical, or both? The third child, kept in the attic, unspoken of... Or a concept far darker and removed from human understanding, a greater game than a human mind can envisage? ;)

    Actually, that's not a bad story idea... The family warns against the third child, the curse, but every few generations will come a couple who thinks it nonsense, when memory of the last dark son has faded... ;)