Thursday, 22 December 2011


Carl remembered cities. But ‘city’, like so many other words, meant nothing anymore. Infrastructure. Internet. Communication. Multisyllabic tendencies had become redundant. The world was turning feral, and brutal Anglo-Saxon monosyllables were a better fit.

The planet had burned and civilisation was just another unnecessary word.

He hadn’t spoken in over a year. In his head he would recite the words he could remember but the list got shorter with the days. Winter was here and you could barely tell the falling snow from the ash.

There was one word he would never forget, that would never lose its meaning...



  1. Superb brevity.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  2. "you could barely tell the falling snow from the ash." A chilling thought.

    Behold, the nuclear winter is here.

  3. Thank you, Adam. =)

    Thanks, Steve. A chilling thought, indeed. ;)

  4. So much said in so few words and those words have an impact on the reader.