Tuesday, 3 January 2012

CyberOptical Illusion

Captain Carter glared out at the steaming city. The men behind him traded nervous looks.

“The situation has moved beyond ethics. Commissioner Warton is calling it treason.”

Brand spoke up, “Seems a bit strong, boss.”

Brand was new. Brand didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

Carter growled. “Hacking into everyone’s cyberOptics. Defacing the king, live. Making the country a laughing stock...”

He turned and stomped up to Brand till their faces were almost touching. “Everyone thought King William had a goddamn Hitler ‘tache. Call that a prank? Tomfoolery? High Jinks?”

Brand, wide-eyed, red-faced, kept his mouth shut.

But... that title is two words!

Xeroverse 101 is one year old. To celebrate entering its second year, I've gone crazy with some two word titles (and ninety nine word stories).

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented over the past year. =)

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  1. Poor Brand. I think William should be King and build an imperial navy in space! Then he could have a galactic empire and...I'll stop now.

    I like the 'steaming city' btw.

  2. Thanks, Pete. Have you ever read the Space Captain Smith books by Toby Frost? The British Space Empire versus the Ghast (man-sized Nazi-ish space-ants), plenty of tea involved, great stuff. =)