Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shroomiversal Truth

His stomach convulsed rebelliously, a sure sign the ‘shrooms were kicking in. This time felt bad though; maybe he should have eaten less.

Too late now.

The effect was subtle at first. Colours deepened, as if everything was liquid and he couldn’t see the bottom; his skin tone reddened, turning carnelian. Then he fell inside the world, drowning.

He drifted through the other side, saw the universe from without, understood what the toadstools were showing him: Everything.

The cat wasn’t dead and alive, the cat didn’t even exist until it was observed.

By seeing the universe, he created it.

But... that title is two words!

Xeroverse 101 is one year old. To celebrate entering its second year, I've gone crazy with some two word titles (and ninety nine word stories).

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented over the past year. =)


  1. I like it, and I'm glad he solved the mystery of schrödinger's cat - those old toadstools will do it every time ^__^

    Happy blog-a-versary - I look forward to reading more of your creative writing in 2012

  2. There are layers and layers, worlds beneath the one we think we know, realities we don't always see; sometimes we just need a little help with the doors of perception... ;)

    Thank you, Helen. ^_^