Friday, 22 June 2012


By Dom Camus

Sophie, thankyou for finding Astrid for me. She is kind and wise. She reminds me of the summer in Vienna. When we met, she smelled of cardamom. I see her smile when I close my eyes. I plan to invite her to the Imperial Gardens on Valentine's day. We will attend the exhibition. Please book us a table somewhere that emphasises my understated good taste.

Also, please stop calling Astrid now. It is not appropriate. Why did she visit you on Wednesday? I will take you for a software adjustment this weekend.

Sophie? Please pay attention when I instruct you.

Author bio: I make games. Having spent 30-something years exploring fictional worlds, I'm not quite sure I can find my way back.


  1. Hey Dom!

    I'm having a 'crossing the streams moment'.

    Anyway, cool story. I like the way it emphasises an understated good sinister.

    I find myself liking Sophie although I'm also a little scared of her.

  2. What Pete said! I loved this :o)

  3. What I like about this is the subtlety. It feels very British Empire in the opening, with the narrator's superciliousness seeping through. But a brief mention of software adjustment resets that impression, and then the final line leads the mind to wonder at what might be about to happen... nothing good, I'll wager...

    Thank you, Dom. =)