Friday, 17 August 2012


by Jack Holt

They fall in twos.

Synchronised pairs of descending death. Crimson and winged creatures, brothers and sisters each.

One pair for every insignificant soul on this planet. Liars, cheaters, schemers, killers: all afforded the same choice.

They fall and then you decide. They'll trick you, manipulate you, twist your feeble minds into choosing them. The decision will be hard, but it will be yours.

And that's why you'll fall.

When you chose, only one can stand. One creature will devour the other, and then you if it remains hungry.

They're always hungry.

They fall in twos. Then you fall in droves.

Author bio: John Xero's number one fan. For more fiction go to For mundane tweets go to @jackkholt.

... it seems flattery will get you places... - Xero


  1. I hadn't thought of bloodsuckers for decades until now ...

  2. Cool. Like the image, kind of demonic/biblical.

    If it was me editing this, I'd be tempted to cut "Then you fall in droves" so the first and last line bookend the piece but maybe that's just me.

  3. A great ominous tale of caution. I liked the narrators voice, threatening but not overboard, and the vagueness of “they” lets each one of us design our own enemy. Nice work, John.