Friday, 10 August 2012


by Nick Roberts

We watch the gate. That is our purpose. For a thousand millennia we have been the guardians of the Night Gate. But there is a disease in our ranks, a slow moving malaise that affects an unknown number of my brothers. Questions are asked by the Dark Inquisitors to try and root out these free thinkers, these renegades. But they are clever, my fellow brothers, they hide in the shadows and whisper in the quiet of the All Night. Sometimes I hear their whispers and unbidden thoughts race through my mind and I also start to wonder about the light.

Author bio: After many years being locked away I have finally given into the voice in my head and unleashed my inner geek. Find me at and on Twitter @nickroberts101.

1 comment:

  1. Unbidden thoughts - that's all it takes, and the suggestion is enough in this tiny tale. Also appreciated the link to your blog Nick, although I am no sci-fi geek reader.