Friday, 28 September 2012


by R.S. Bohn

A billion stars spread like marbles across his lap. He flicks one off; it scares the cat and crashes into the radiator. A terrible metal pinging: my heart loosening its hold in my chest.

I ask him why as he fingers another marble.

"Because you were never here when I wanted you," he says.

It's true. And as each marble marks its awful trajectory, I long to fly over them, away from my god, to another. Over a hundred glittering glass stars that mean nothing to me anymore, to a place where I'm alone, and I am my only god.

Author bio: RS lives in Detroit, where they aim for a zombie theme park. She thinks one already exists in her head. Admission is free:


  1. I like the mood of this. And the marble/star thing worked for me. I love the idea of an angry god flicking stars out of his lap. Very cool.

    I'm not sure about the last line, I found it a bit confusing. This may be my problem rather than yours though ;) .

  2. Gorgeous imagery Ms Bohn. Once again you prove the answer to the question Poetry or Prose? ... is "Yes."

  3. I´ve worked so hard and been so good, and now I aimed for some peace and quiet in front of the laptop. But this is upsettingly brilliant! And I´m all excited and heartbroken and I want to read and write andreadandwrite! Gaaah! Really, Becky, really?! Well, sleep is over-rated... Brilliant work, I love it =)

  4. This is really beautiful work with wonderful imagery. As someone else commented, it flowed like a poem.