Friday, 5 October 2012


by Milo James Fowler

Captain Bartholomew Quasar did not believe in living in the past, and he abhorred flashbacks with a passion.

But finding him dangling here from the edge of a cliff on a desolate moon - Arterion 789 - one has to wonder how he came to find himself in such a terrible predicament…

"Don't you dare!" He digs in with both hands, fingers grappling for purchase among the crumbling rocks.

How about a little exposition, then?

Grumbling curses, he adjusts his hold, boots swinging above a two hundred meter drop, and shouts, "That's what got me here in the first place!"

Author bio: Milo James Fowler is a teacher by day, writer by night. Stop by anytime:


  1. "Clever" and "Brilliant" are perhaps overused, but nonetheless...

    Clever! Brilliant! and --

    I read it thrice! It's fun every time. :)

  2. The ending is a blast! I am a Captain Quasar fan.

  3. Ha! Brilliant! I enjoyed every line in this piece Milo!

  4. LoL that was a lot of fun right there. Nicely done, dude.

    ~ Rhonda Parrish