Friday, 19 October 2012


by Stephen Hewitt

Alamo Jones tipped the gritty, grey dust over the gunnels and let her sink like a cloud. Got it on his fingers. Even swallowed a bit. That was the end of Mercy and the beginning of a new 49ers season – every pert lookin’ groupie knew it.  But now his kit is rotting in his locker, and he’s rocking backwards and forwards, watching grey mud totter towards him in fits and starts, reeking of sour seawater. It’s the final pass in the fourth quarter, coming in from a long, long way backfield, and Alamo ain’t gonna get a finger to it.

Author bio: Still suffering flashbacks from hacking 158 words down to 101, Stephen skritches his weird fiction over on CafĂ© Shorts.


  1. Despite having zero knowledge of this sport I still enjoyed your tight, concise writing. And if Alamo Jones isn't the best character name this week then mine isn't flyingscribbler.

    1. Thanks Mr Scribbler. Why my subconscious decided that both me and it were going to sit down together to read up on American football, I have no idea... On the plus side, it bought me a hotdog. :) St.

  2. It's amazing how much you've managed to pack into so few words!