Friday, 16 November 2012


by Chris White

I don't watch the news anymore, the same flickering images of riot shields and snarling police dogs, of explosions in cafés - the lightning strikes of revolution.

The world captured in moments of violence, the voice of civilisation drowned out by the screams of the people as flames lick at their feet.

It started with people marching in the streets, demanding to be heard.

It ended when our governments stopped pretending, when Trafalgar Square became Tiananmen, revisited.

I don't watch the news anymore, pretending to be surprised.

I watch the streets outside and all I see are cobblestones, slick with blood.

Author bio: Chris White is an author living in Brisbane, Australia, which he realises is on the other side of the world. He writes mainly dystopian SciFi and speculative fiction. More of his words can be found (almost) daily at


  1. Great job of moving the action from a television distance to a window closeness - the violence is not "over there," it's here in our faces.

  2. watching creates such a thick skin it seems, so that when the action happens in front of you, you're almost desensitised. Case in point, the recent horrific London Killing. Cobblestones is to the point of the time, up-to the minute. sadly so. xx