Friday, 4 January 2013


by Carla Girtman

The one-man spaceship jerked to a stop. Goo poured in, coalesced into tentacles, and wound around him. Kenjek struggled. Escape was impossible.

Kenjek had run for days. Not from the Galactic Police, but his boss Squeedo. When Squeedo asked him to spend time with the family, Kenjek saw the opportunity to move up the chain of command. But he hadn’t signed up for this.

The bands tightened.

“Hi honey. I missed you,” said Squeedo’s daughter. “Ready for some fun?” A tentacle caressed his face while another slipped down his pants.

They say in space no one can hear you scream.

Author bio: Carla lives in Florida with her family and three cats. (The cats claim they wrote this story. They lie.) She is spearheading an anthology of tarot based fiction with a 2013 publication date and likes participating in National Novel Writing Month as well as writing speculative fiction.


  1. Oh I like the start of this.

  2. Ha! Love this! Lots of fun, with hints at a much larger world. Great stuff.

  3. Ha! What an ending! :D

  4. Great job Carla, it is amazing to me how someone can write a story that makes sense in so few words. Just the right amount of tease to make me want to read on. Can't wait to read more. Anita