Friday, 11 January 2013


by Robert Morschel

The little craft settled slowly into the dust as its engines whined to a reluctant halt.

“I told you to take a left,” Eva said scornfully, “but no, you always know better. Bloody men. All the same.”

“So where do YOU think we are?” Harry asked, sighing loudly.

“That over there is Earth. I think they call this the Moon,” she replied, turning the pages of their Rough Guide to the Milky Way. "Unbelievable names - you'd think they thought they were the only species in the universe."

"We thought that once."

His wife scowled at him. "Oh, just shut up."

Author bio: Robert Morschel is a writer of software in London, and sometimes a writer of words at  

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  1. It's comforting to think that other intelligent species might have the same foibles as we do. :-)

  2. I guess it's the same everywhere... ;)

    I love this light-hearted look at alien life. Nicely done!