Thursday, 14 February 2013


by Carla Girtman

There was a doctor who longed for his true love. He had offers and blind dates, but remained alone and lonely.

His last patient was a woman. She sat on the examining table showing signs of cardiac distress.

As he leaned in to listen to her heart, something clinked against his stethoscope. He opened her paper gown, and centred between her breasts was a heart-shaped lock.

She blushed. “Mama always said there was someone who has the key to my heart.”

He slipped off his glove, revealing his key-shaped finger. “Papa always said I would unlock my true love’s heart.”

Author bio: Carla enjoys the challenge of 100 word stories. Although her three cats claim they write better, they lie. She has taken up the Nano novel challenge where words will fly.

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  1. How wonderfully, beautifully strange. :)

  2. Awesome story, Mom.

  3. Very bizarre, weirdly sweet and a nice change from typical fluffy love stories. :)

  4. That's so Tim Burton! Love the key finger at the end. Did not see that coming.