Friday, 22 February 2013


by Jess Cochrane

Professor Elkins grew entirely dissatisfied with the world of today, and so he sought to find something else - a new world and a better today. His fervent tinkerings resulted in a most marvellous machine, capable of moving sideways through the multi-faceted universe and thrusting its user into parallel worlds.

Delighted, Elkins went off in search of a new home.

Sixteen days later, the professor returned. As it turned out, parallel universes were, indeed, parallel - nothing more than carbon copies of our own world, right down to the absent Elkins-copies, each looking elsewhere for something better that could not be found.

Author bio: Jess Cochrane is an Australian writer, currently "working on a novel" as all writers tend to do. Her short stories, random ramblings and tributes to villains can be found on her blog:


  1. Liked the twist. In a way, it's comforting. I'd hate the idea there was a 'super me' out there, who made all the right choices or a 'unlucky me' that had the world dumping on him at every turn.

    1. Or worse... What if you found out you WERE the "unlucky you"?


  2. Aww, I'm not sure if that's sad or, as Pete said, comforting. I was kind of hoping that a new and better me was out there, killin' it. :-)

    Very nice work, thoughtful and melancholy.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words. :)