Friday, 8 March 2013


by Sandra Davies

"'Tumour' and 'tumescent,' is there a connection there?"

I looked over the top of my Financial Times to her head on my belly.

"Are we talking medical or etymology?" regrettably aware of my immediate manifestation of the power of the spoken word.

She snorted with amusement and, retaliating, I murmured, "You can take the girl out of the farm but..."

A mistake; the nip of her sharp teeth completed the rout.

She slid off the bed. Muffled, as she pulled her dress over her head, she answered, "Etymology," then, suddenly lucid, "but you really should get that lump seen to."

Author bio: Sandra Davies usually writes romances, but at other times blames the company she keeps. Currently she blogs most regularly at, with illustrations.

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  1. Loved the intimacy of this; how it feels so natural and at the end, the hint of concern and introduction of something bigger.