Friday, 22 March 2013


by T. Gene Davis

In a watch awaiting predawn’s glow, a foxfire appeared floating before the captain and his helm. The dead sea witch’s beautiful form took shape.

“You have slain me,” she pronounced, “but one last curse I bequeath. At dawn, you and your vessel’s crew shall perish.”

After her solemn curse, the apparition dissipated.

“Step lively lads! Your lives depend upon it!”

In hasty assembly, the captain bestowed command of the man-of-war upon his first mate who made his benefactor captain of Her Majesty’s Life Raft.

Dawn’s crowning sun displayed a water devil taking the crewless captain’s raft, sparing his former vessel.

Author bio: T. Gene Davis is a Software Engineer with an English B.A. His stories, poems, and articles have appeared in magazines as varied as Java World (Software Engineering), and Lost Worlds (Fantasy). Visit him at or on twitter @TGeneDavis


  1. Such beautiful language. You've painted a wondrous picture.

    I particularly liked: "Dawn’s crowning sun". Gorgeous work!

  2. Beautifully administered justice.

  3. Gorgeous! Like a maritime oil painting come to life, but with trickery and cleverness.

  4. This wording was dressed up delightfully.