Friday, 10 May 2013


by Xanthe Elliott

"Thinks she’s magic, she does," Tom confided to Henry with a smirk. "Diggin' through them nests like as if a wand might jump out, or some such."

"Could be, maybe… Tuesday last she called a butterfly and I seen her call a hummingbird–"

Ignoring Tom’s loud guffaw, Bridgit sifted patiently. "Called a flock of crows this morning, I did."  Plucking a particularly fine plume from the detritus, she held it triumphantly aloft and began spinning energetically in circles.

"Daft wench–"

With sangfroid and a serene smile Bridgit replied, "'s all in the feathers…"

An army of gryphons darkened the sky.

Author bio: Xanthe Elliott is the alter-ego of a mild-mannered Maryland accountant. After counting beans by day, she seeks the meaning of life in the written word. Xanthe crafts tales of romance and self-reflection; Feathers is her first drabble submission.


  1. Perhaps the meaning of life is in the act of writing words; I'm not sure. Neither do I know about the meaning of tea leaves or counting beans or feathers. But I am sure that this is wicked fun, and that an army of gryphons is far more fun than just one. :)

    1. I'm happy to have brought a little wicked fun into the world! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. I love the dialogue. This was a brilliant, whimsically dark tale. Nicely done!