Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Editorial: Phase 3

No story from me today. No stories for the next little while. But have no fear; 101 Fiction is not dead, just resting.

This started as a personal project and grew to take other people's stories. It has been a fantastic experience to be an editor (on however small a scale), and I'm deeply honoured that people chose to submit such fantastic work to me time and time again. I really am.

Now it's time for 101 Fiction to evolve again.

I'm going to try and publish as a quarterly e-magazine. The first issue will be this September (followed by December, March, June). Issues will be loosely themed, on two subjects, with writers picking one or both themes for their stories.

Submissions for the September issue will be open from mid-July to mid-August. The themes will be 'Autumn' and 'phoenix' (for obvious reasons, I hope). As mentioned above, you can pick one or both themes, and use them as you wish - metaphorically, literally, allegorically...

It's been a great year, I hope you've enjoyed it, and I hope you are all as excited by this next step as I am.

Thank you, writers, readers, supporters.

-John Xero.

Friday, 7 June 2013


by Peter Newman

The radiance forced his eyes shut, humble. “Are you…” he whispered, “…the one who made us?”

“I am.”

“Please, tell us why.”

“Well,” she mumbled. “We all had to practice.”

He frowned, trying to understand. “There are other Makers?”

“Yes, twenty six in my class. I was supposed to scrape you all out afterwards. I forgot. Sorry.”

“Wait, we’re a failed experiment?”

The light became warmer. “Err... I learnt loads growing you. My latest world is inspired by yours.”

“You made a new race of man?”

“No, cats. Cats are awesome. We love watching cats, way more fun than humans.”

Author bio: I love writing, running, roleplaying, gaming and cats!

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


by John Xero

The Great Tree has many names – Yggdrasil, the White Tree, Existence, and more. From time to time it bears wondrous golden apples, of youth or knowledge or bright burning hydrogen.

It straddles the barriers between dream and reality, between life and death, story and history.

It is dying now, withered and scarred and bare, like a gnarled hand clawing at the dark cosmos. You can see the notches where knives and axes have cut into it, where its sap, its precious lifeblood, has been decanted.

It is the Tree of Life, and when it fails, so too do we all.

Author bio: John Xero writes little big stories. The longer, bigger stories are proving more troublesome.
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