Friday, 7 June 2013


by Peter Newman

The radiance forced his eyes shut, humble. “Are you…” he whispered, “…the one who made us?”

“I am.”

“Please, tell us why.”

“Well,” she mumbled. “We all had to practice.”

He frowned, trying to understand. “There are other Makers?”

“Yes, twenty six in my class. I was supposed to scrape you all out afterwards. I forgot. Sorry.”

“Wait, we’re a failed experiment?”

The light became warmer. “Err... I learnt loads growing you. My latest world is inspired by yours.”

“You made a new race of man?”

“No, cats. Cats are awesome. We love watching cats, way more fun than humans.”

Author bio: I love writing, running, roleplaying, gaming and cats!

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  1. i'm with the Master Designer. Cats for style/attitude, dolphins/octopuses for brains. man nowhere! this was fun

    marc nash

  2. So, Catbook and the wider internet generally, are showing us the future?!? Oh, what!

    This was so much fun.

  3. That's why we've been hardwired to photograph and digitally record them to such degrees. I knew evolution had an endgame!

  4. The Catolypse is upon us.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  5. So you could say that we were the catalyst?

  6. Ah, that explains so much. Especially LOL cats, which I admit I never understood. Must be proof of my inferiority. :D

  7. I think Cats can be more fun than humans too!

  8. Ha! Good one. Humans do seem like a failed experiment at times, don't we?

  9. Without humans, cats can't be catbeards... so at least we're still good for something.

  10. Meow-y! What a fun read Pete! Cats prevail!