Sunday, 1 September 2013


by Lela Marie De La Garza

The phoenix hatched out in late Autumn of a year folding gently into winter. The skies were dreary and dark; the air was turning cold. The phoenix decided to leave in search of better weather. It found skies of turquoise stippled with ivory and pearl mists of cloud. It flew over oceans that dazzled like diamonds and sapphires; into jungles of silver and jade leaves. Suddenly it felt the inward call of home, for the earth had shifted and the sun’s rays tilted. The phoenix went back to its birthplace, bringing with it the emerald and gold bounty of spring.

Author bio: Lela Marie De La Garza has had work published in “Behind Closed Doors”, “Pound of Flash”, “ChickLit”, “Daily Romance”, and “Creepy Gnome”. She was born in Denver, CO. in 1943 while her father was serving in WWII. She currently resides in San Antonio, TX. with two cats, a kitten, and a visiting raccoon.

Journey is part of 101 Fiction issue 1.


  1. Wow... "a year folding gently into winter"... "skies of turquoise stippled with ivory and pearl mists of cloud"... There is just so much to love about this piece. Really beautifully written.

  2. Your opening sentence is just gorgeous, the best of a slew of winning sentences!