Tuesday, 15 October 2013

December Issue Open for Submissions

16th November update: Submissions are now closed. Please do come back on the 1st December as the stories go live throughout the day. Thank you.

The gates are once more open! From now until November 15th we will be taking submissions for the December issue.

Stories for the December issue should use one or both of our themes - winter and undead. For full submissions guidelines please read the submissions page.

You are free to use the themes as loosely or tightly as you like, and you don't have to include the word itself if you don't want to, so long as the theme is identifiable within the story. Try not to use the theme word as the title.

For an idea of what we're looking for, check out Issue 1, but what excites us most is variety and creativity. It's a tiny piece so take the time to make every sentence perfect. Winter and undead resonate well with each other (although you don't, of course, have to use both themes) and we're hoping for some classic undead - ghosts, zombies, skeletons - as well as some more unusual twists.

Have fun. Keep writing. Good luck.