Sunday, 1 December 2013

December 2013. Issue 2.

Welcome to issue two. First, a big thank you for all of the interest and support. We had a great round of submissions and more than enough quality drabbles to fill the fifteen slots I decided on for a nice full issue. It was hard to say no to some, but the end result is fifteen fantastic tiny tales. Fifteen hundred well-chosen words inspired by one or both of our two themes: winter and undead.

Cynthia Fucci brings 101 Fiction back to life with Reanimation, and then we're off for a blissful ride on Kymm Coveney's Triumph. We'll dim the lights for R.S. Bohn's Stages before we hear from KM Zafari's reminiscing Vampir. SJI Holliday thaws us out a little, but you may wish she hadn't, because Caroline von Schmalensee's Jack comes a-knocking next.

Adam Bunnell chills us with Frigid. We have some Family values and a little black humour from Alex Valente, while a daughter shares a Frozen memory with Wednesday Silverwood, and a mother misses her Hijo in R.S. Bohn's poignant story.

Something terrifying is Rising in Carol Stone's tale, but Scott Dingley's Scapegoat has risen already and stalks the land. Rhonda Eikamp's king flees to the Frozen north, and angels descend in John Xero's Mercy. Finally, Roisin o'Hare brings us full circle, with Cycle.

Welcome to issue two.

Read. Absorb. Enjoy.


Keep scrolling for the stories, or bring up the whole issue here.

Alternatively you can download issue two in its entirety as a pdf, to take with you wherever you go and peruse at your pleasure. Find that here.


  1. Dear John Xero,
    would it be possible to translate - for strictly non-commercial purposes - some of the stories featured here into Polish and post them on my blog, The Literary Stroller (, which is meant to promote the micro-fiction genre in Poland?

    I'll be grateful for your reply.

    with best wishes,

    1. Hi Martin,

      I don't own the stories, copyright remains with the authors so you would need to contact them individually.

      I certainly don't have a problem with you translating my work, if you wish, so long as it is not for profit and remains credited to me. =)

      Best of luck with your blog (although the link above doesn't seem to work.)


  2. It doesn't because there's an ugly little typo there, it should read: http://spacerowiczliteracki.blogspotcom.

    Thanks for your permission and I'll surely do a piece or two of yours and send a link, of course!

    1. Thanks, Martin. Look forward to hearing from you. =)