Sunday, 1 December 2013


by Adam Bunnell

They told him not to go into the drifts, but he saw a girl there. She beckoned with a pale finger, eyes like chips of glittering ice. She was slender, naked, and a heat within him stirred. He plunged into the powder. The village lights faded away, and the sky grew dark. He found her at last, standing gently atop a waist-deep drift, arms outstretched. He pulled her to him, wrapped his arms around. Where their skin touched, wisps of steam hissed into the air. He kissed her cold, lilac lips. They found him the next morning frozen solid, alone.

Author bio: Adam Bunnell is a prototypical English teacher/writer with a love for fantasy and horror.

Frigid is part of 101 Fiction issue 2.


  1. This one I really like.....makes me what to know more..... Great start for a novel...... :)

  2. *shivers* Lilac lips, mm. Terrifying and gorgeous!

  3. This makes me very curious. I also want to know more... Why she does what she does, this siren of the snow.

  4. I love the wisps of steam hissing righ before her cold lilac lips froze him.
    Oh, why do they never listen?!