Sunday, 1 December 2013


by Kymm Coveney

Silence so deep each nuance of sound from the downshifted engine is muffled, snowbound. The boy straddles white sky under a dream of clouds and eternity, suspended in the chill air. The headlamp casts a pale yellow shadow on the road made pristine trail. Alone in the universe, the boy, the girl and the motorcycle travel in a slow, gentle glissade down the mountain, through a tunnel of dark evergreens. When they emerge, the world is light. As if a shroud has been drawn across the winter, they leave the drifts behind them. The boy accelerates into the opening land.

Author bio: Ex-pat from Boston living in Barcelona, raising polyglot kids and fooling with written languages.

Triumph is part of 101 Fiction issue 2.


  1. Beautifully captures that muffled, singular feeling of being alone in a wintry wilderness. Perfect.