Wednesday, 15 January 2014

March Issue Open for Submissions

We are now closed for submissions. Please come back March 1st for the next issue of 101 Fiction.

Time to look beyond the log fire and the snowbound landscape... Spring is coming and 101 Fiction is open for submissions!

It seems strange to say that when here in the the East of England we are yet to have any snow at all. Still, from now until February 15th we are open for submissions and I want you thinking spring thoughts. The next issue's themes are spring (of course) and spirits/ deities/ elementals of nature (make of that what you will).

You can use one or both themes, you are free to use them as loosely or tightly as you like, and you don't have to include the word itself if you don't want to, so long as the theme is identifiable within the story. Try not to use a theme word as the title.

For full submissions guidelines please read the submissions page.

December's issue was very horror-oriented, and we had a good time, I think, creeping ourselves out during the long nights, but 101 Fiction is a place of many tiny wonders. The new quarter's themes lend themselves well to fantasy, and nature's revenge is a well-established horror theme, but I'd like to see someone make something science fiction from them, or something delightfully, lyrically abstract and surreal. Ultimately, the most engaging pieces, the tightest writing, will be what make it into the issue, regardless of genre, so write the best one hundred words you can.

Have fun. Keep writing. Good luck.