Sunday, 1 June 2014

June 2014. Issue 4. Postscript.

This is the end! Or... possibly... the beginning.

If you're here on June 1st then stories will be going live through the day. Keep checking back, this is our biggest issue yet and we've got a great mix of stories for you, all different, all fantastic.

If you've already enjoyed all of issue four's drabbles, and after all that summer heat and dragon fire you're thirsty for something a little cooler, check out issue three (spring!), or two (winter!). Keep going further back and you'll hit issue one, and even that isn't the beginning; there are hundreds of teeny tiny stories here, hundreds of worlds to discover.

Hopefully you've been excited and inspired by what you've read. And maybe you want to have a go. Keep an eye on 101 Fiction (or our twitter) for when we announce our next themes and submission period.

Thank you.

Keep reading. Keep writing. Have fun.

-John Xero

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