Sunday, 1 June 2014


by John Xero

Charlie was obsessed with the dragons. She pored over photos, freeze-framed videos, searching for something.

Something I could never understand.

We went to the caves, the mountains, wherever there were sightings. The real tourist traps.

Then she found the hardcore message boards. The serious dragon chasers. The nerds collating data and running simulations. Their dragon algorithm.

That summer they made a prediction, and we drove to the dales.

I was bored. I stayed in the car. Missed everything.

But I saw the footage. Filmed from flameproof hides.

She thought she was one of them. They thought she made pretty bait.

Author bio: John Xero chases dragons all the time. Dragons called stories. They’re powerful beasties and difficult to capture in all their magnificence. But he’ll keep trying, and sharpening his weapons, and one day he’ll nail a big one. And that will only be the beginning. | @xeroverse

Quest is part of 101 Fiction issue 4.


  1. *gasp*

    Ok, didn't see that coming.

    Wonderful modern-day dragon tale, an actual whole story in a hundred words, and shocking ending. Well done.

  2. Thanks, Becky. =)

    Really glad I managed to pull it off! =)