Tuesday, 15 July 2014

September Issue Open for Submissions

** 101 Fiction is now closed for submissions. Thank you. **

Send us your stories!

From right now (July 15th) to August 15th we are open for submissions. We're looking for themed stories one hundred words in length for publication in our September issue.

This will be our fifth issue, the start of year two. The themes for the first year were all mythical creatures of some sort: phoenix, undead, nature spirits, and dragons. With a new year we start a new cycle of themes, and we're going for something broad and unusual: colours.

The theme for September is blue.

Anything and everything blue. Literal or figurative. The sky, the sea, a pair of eyes, the pattern on an oriental plate. A desultory mood, a filter, a way of seeing the world. It can be an impression, or a synaesthetic scent. It doesn't have to be the focus of the story, and you definitely don't have to use the word 'blue,' so long as it is identifiable and recognisable. It could be a topaz necklace like tiny icebergs strung together, or the flash of turquoise from a kingfisher's wings.

We do loosely hold to four genres - science fiction, fantasy, horror and surreal - but we're generous in our interpretation of those. If the story grabs us, shakes us, scares us, excites us, sings to us in some way, that's the important thing.

The word count is one hundred, with a one word title. The title cannot be 'Blue.'

Please check our submissions page for full details and guidelines.

Have fun, keep writing, stay creative.