Saturday, 25 October 2014

December Issue Open for Submissions

** 101 Fiction is now closed for submissions. Thank you. **

I'm late. I'm late. I'm late!

Mea culpa. I got it fixed in my head that the next issue was January. It is, of course, December.

And so the doors have opened, late, but open they are. You have until the 24th November to get your stories in. It would be mean to make it sooner.

The second year of 101 Fiction is all about colours, and the December issue theme is: black and white.

But that's two colours, you say or, perhaps, none at all. And yet, it is still the theme. Your stories must feature those colours, they must be exactly one hundred words long, and they must have a title of only one word.

The title cannot be 'black' or 'white.'

You do not have to name both colours, but they must be obviously present. It could be a black bear stalking through the snow. A red slick spreading across the black and white flagstones of a farmhouse kitchen. The white pinpoints of stars drowning in the infinite nothing of space. The whites of a stalker's eyes emerging from the night. A chess set whose board is chequered day and night, whose pieces are ordinary citizens, moved by hidden masters. An arrow fletched with black feathers, buried in the eye of a white-scaled dragon. A silhouette advancing up the whitewashed stairwell. A white space suit, smeared black with soot, or alien blood...

By all means play with themes of stark contrast, of binary moralities. Give your story a noir atmosphere. But the colours themselves must be present too.

We are a genre magazine. Be it a broad spectrum of genres, and not always strictly adhered to. The most important thing is that the story has something special about it, it makes us sit up and pay attention, it grips us and makes us go back for another read... and another.

Full details and guidelines for submissions can be found on our submissions page.

Have fun, keep writing, be awesome.