Thursday, 15 January 2015

March Issue Open for Submissions

**Submissions are now closed.**

From now (January 15th) to February 15th we’re looking for your teeny tiny stories. Small on the word count, big on the taste. You have a single word for the title and a hundred words to tell your tale.

We’re into the second year of 101 Fiction as a quarterly and if you’ve been paying attention you know the themes for year two are all colours. We’ve been blue. We went black and white.

For issue seven we're going green.

It could be a pair of beguiling green eyes. A broken jade sword, destined to one day slay an emperor. The verdigris on the copper dome of a cathedral, or the flame as it burns. A lush jungle planet and the camouflaged horror that stalks unseen through the greenery. The creeping forest, as nature reclaims an abandoned city. The green light on the escape pod’s life support system flickering and dying. The dark moss green of an orc’s skin, or the leaf green of her blood. A small boat adrift on an emerald sea.

Your story doesn’t have to have the word green in it. Green doesn’t even need to be the focus of the tale. But the colour, in some form, must be present.

The title cannot be 'green.'

We are primarily a genre ‘zine. See up the top there where it says ‘Science fiction, fantasy, horror, surreal.’ But then again, we’re pretty loose with it. Startle us, shock us, stir us deep within. Shake us, scare us, set us in a spin. The important thing is that the story stands out.

Want the full details and guidelines? Check the submissions page.

You’ve got one hundred words. Go play.

Go wild. Go green. Get creative.