Sunday, 1 March 2015


by Dylan Walton

“Many before you have lived rich, full lives,” the voice crackled from an unseen speaker.

R examined his new accommodation.  His furnishings were spartan.  A bed, table and chair.  Basic bathroom facilities.  A ceiling light casting its sickly verdant glow over the antiseptic walls.

“There is no need to be alarmed.”

Three unadorned walls.  A floor to ceiling mirror.  No visible sign of entry or exit.

“As long as the light remains green.”

R looked up and saw the lamp also contained an unlit red globe.

“All is well.”

He exhaled, and perhaps imagined he saw the green light flicker.

Author bio: Dylan Walton lives in Melbourne, Australia.  He once won second prize in a local short story contest, which he considers to be much better than winning second prize in a beauty contest in a game of Monopoly.  He can be found on Twitter at

Care is part of 101 Fiction issue 7.

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