Wednesday, 15 April 2015

June issue open for submissions

**We are now closed for submissions**

It’s that time again! From April 15th to May 15th we want your teeniest tiniest shiniest stories. Just a single word for the title, and a hundred more for the tale. A gem with enough shine to stand out and sparkle amongst all the rubble and rock around it.

This will be the last issue of our second year as a quarterly. A year of colour. Blue, Black & White, Green. And now, finally: Red.

It could be the red wine drunk from the Grail of Shebboth, that offers eternal life in exchange only for your mind. The blood seeping from beneath the dragon’s scales as he succumbs to early viral warfare, or the glitter of lasers as the little red men from mars descend en masse now that mankind has destroyed its only defender. A demon’s eyes in the dark, and the gargantuan cursed ruby he set upon the Earth. The carmine cloaks of a cadre of assassins, or the single guilty fleck of evidence on a murderer’s collar. The lipstick on the wineglass. The warning light, throbbing impotently while everything burns around it.

You don’t have to use the word ‘red’ in the story, but the colour needs to be present in some form. The title itself cannot be ‘red’.

We are a genre ‘zine. But don’t let that stifle you. The tabs at the top say Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Surreal, and those are our heartstones, but we have embraced crime fiction too. In fact, we often publish genre-defying pieces – the key is to excite us. Write something that’s bold, that’s clever, that stands out. Polish and shine till it dazzles. Submit something we can’t possibly turn down.

For those extra nitty gritty details and full submission info – check the submissions page.

So, take your hundred words and paint the town red.

Have fun, stay cool, keep writing.