Sunday, 21 June 2015


by Clara Ray Rusinek Klein

Mama clamps her hand over my eyes, fingers tight.

“Nein.” Papa yanks her away. “He needs to see.”

I press my nose to the glass, breath fogging. Far below, a small procession shuffles on the cobblestones, men in coats and fedoras gripping suitcases, women clutching babies, wide eyed boys and girls clinging, cringing at the walls of helmets and gleaming boots, the bare-teeth barks of slavering Shepherds straining their chains.

Papa steps back, letting the curtains fall. Outside, pops ricochet, shouts echo. Scowling, he rips the red armband from his sleeve, flings it into the fireplace. Sparks crackle, cloth curling.

Author bio: Clara Ray Rusinek Klein is bilingual in Spanish and English. She holds a BA magna cum laude in Political Science with a minor in Religious Studies. Ms. Klein is an internationally published creative writer and author and the founder and Editor in Chief of A Quiet Courage (, an online journal of microfiction and poetry in 100 words or less. Her one-hundred-word story Ostdeutschland was chosen as an Editor’s Pick on Postcard Shorts. For more information and a full list of current publications:


Disgusted is part of 101 Fiction issue 8.

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