Sunday, 21 June 2015


by Jonathan Hawk

She has to be the best model I've ever worked with. Completely motionless and silent for hours.

My gaze lingers on the shine of her ruby lips as I dab more acrylic onto my detail brush. I stroke at my canvas, caressing the shadows in the ruching of her crimson cocktail dress. She's a sports car: sleek, beautiful, exhilarating.

"Perfect," I sigh, setting the brush aside.

I step over to her and gently squeeze her earlobe. Her exhaust fans whir to life and her numerous internal devices emit hushed clicks and hums as she exits sleep mode.

"Hello, Primary User.”

Author bio: Jonathan Hawk is a sesquipedalian and "ugly bag of mostly water" from the Baltimore, Maryland area. He's an avid free culture enthusiast and Creative Commoner. His stream of consciousness haunts Twitter as @doublecompile.

Realism is part of 101 Fiction issue 8.

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