Sunday, 21 June 2015


by Shannon Bell

Those lips, stained red with the blood that flows beneath, stained darker with the blood that flows above. Those lips, shaped like a funeral wreath, evoking sadness and hopes of rebirth.

Those eyes, they glow like rubies while you empty me and fill yourself. Those eyes. Fierce, obsessive, wild and seductive. They are not windows to a soul; they are doors to death and portals unto immortality.

Those lips, blood red leeches, stinging, sucking, greedy, hiding your instruments of violence and of redemption.

Those eyes. They enchant and possess and command me as I lie wrapped in your vampiric embrace.

Author bio: Shannon Bell is addicted to words. You will find him madly writing away in the spare time he has available between holding down a full-time job, being part of a highly dysfunctional family and looking after his extremely energetic, attention seeking, high maintenance dog.

Taken is part of 101 Fiction issue 8.

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