Wednesday, 15 July 2015

September issue open for submissions

Submissions for the September issue are now closed.

From July 15th to August 15th our inbox is open for submissions. We want your words... One hundred and one of them to be precise. Arranged in such a way as to thrill, inspire and excite.

This September will begin our third year as a quarterly 'zine. We've had a year of mythical beasties and a year of colours, so it's time now for a new cycle of themes. The theme for our September issue, issue 9, will be: underground.

Your story might take place in a claustrophobic wooden box, its inhabitant hammering on the lid, unaware of the six feet of dirt over his head. It could be thieves on the run through a network of ancient sewers, or refugees of an interstellar war grubbing an existence in the disused subway tunnels below a shattered New York. Maybe a whole moon has been hollowed out, used to travel between stars, or just to house and hide away the growing madness of modern life. Miners might come across a behemoth awakening from its centuries-long hibernation, or they might discover a clutch of eggs, and who knows what they might contain...

You don't have to use the word 'underground,' but the story does need to be recognisably beneath the surface. The title cannot be 'underground.'

It doesn't have to be this planet, this time, this existence... we are, after all, a genre publication. Science fiction, fantasy, horror or surreal (or anywhere in-between). The important thing is that it makes us pay attention, it grabs us, it makes us read it again, and again.

For the fine details and submission information, check out the submissions page!

You have 100 words, make them sing...

Be good. Be bad. Keep writing.