Sunday, 6 September 2015

September 2015. Issue 9.

Welcome to issue 9. The beginning of our third year as a quarterly and a new round of themes. This issue we go underground.

There’s a weirdness down there, below the surface. The real world, altered as it echoes through the caverns. Visions and transformations. Monsters, only some of them human. Revelations. Futures both green and desiccated. Tiny tales wrapped in the embrace of mighty Mother Earth.

Two thirds of this issue’s stories are from returning authors and it’s truly fantastic to host such talent, to be a place people come back to, both as readers and writers. It’s brilliant to see some fresh blood in the mix too, new voices that we’ll hopefully hear more from in the future. It feels like this little ‘zine is building a bit of a reputation and it’s humbling that other people get as excited about it as we do.

Now come follow me, down, deeper, as we travel underground.

Read, absorb, enjoy.


Scroll on down for the stories, or pull the whole issue up here.

Each issue is also available as a takeaway read-anywhere read-anyhow .pdf. It's free, it's easy, it's here. (right click, save as, you know the drill...)

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